Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Find the right word for every occasion




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Name, Place, Animal, Thing is a fun intelligence game that's as old as it is famous. It consists of finding a specific word for each category in the game. They all have to start with the same letter, and the goal is to complete the full table before your opponents.

This webapp lets you play live with users from all over the world in different languages, so you can always find the right opponent for you in your native language. If you can't find anyone to play with at any given time, you can still play against the AI and compete in tough challenges to get a higher score.

To create your own game you have to select all the categories you want to add from among hundreds of possibilities or even add your own suggestions to make the game more fun. Once you choose your categories of play, you then set the number of players and how long the match will last. All that done, you get a link to share with your friends so they can join your game or you can wait for other players on the platform to join your game. Likewise, you can join any other game created by a different user.
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